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Joe is so cool.

In the dream he is wild, confident and strong and he’s got tattoos of red drummers on his arms. He hears the rhythm in everything and he drums it on anything from the breakfast table to the old hollow log washed up by the tide. He’s not only great at playing but at listening too and that helps him in playing. And he’s an animal communicator. Joe knows animals often have messages if you listen. He shows Nandita how to be receptive to that and meet deeply with animals. Then he takes her swimming with the dolphins. Joe also knows when to support Nandita as she climbs up the rock face to the crystal cave but he wisely allows her to find her own way. Yet in the waking world Joe gets anxious. He can get anxious about his mum and sometimes about his friends. So can Joe take his wild dream self back to the waking world and give himself some confidence? Well, we find out at Nandita’s party at the end of the book. Follow the dolphin to the making music page where you can check out some of Joe’s rhythms.

Picture of Tess

Tess talks like a stream – cascading words fall from her lips in the dream. Her skin is green and there are gold spirals on her face. Her nut-brown hair is growing twigs and orange blossoms. Her love of trees allows her to merge with them and disappear at will. Her love of plants allows her to communicate with them and see the plant spirits – the beings who are part of them. Tess wishes more people could see what she sees, as she’s convinced it would be a very different world if they did. She has an unshakeable belief in the power of nature and she tells Luke to ask the forest to help him when he is suffering. In the dream she sends the words “believe in yourself” into the golden net as it flies to the waking world. For in the waking world Tess doesn’t talk with people. And now she wants to tell Nandita’s neighbour Mrs Stevens how important trees are and to please not cut down the silver birch that sits between the gardens.

Check out Tess Talks Trees on our meditation page


Luke doesn’t feel he belongs.

He’s moved into Nandita’s old house, he’s at a new school and he feels miserable. When Joe and Nandita reach out to be friends he turns his back on them and when the school bell goes he’s so scared he runs away. Even in the dream he keeps himself apart from the others, and when Nandita tries to push him to join in he runs again. In his anger and his anguish Luke causes something awful to happen, but it is a turning point for him. The deer comes to heal him and he lets her into his heart. Will Luke in his turn be able to help Nandita?

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