I once visited a native Hawaiian elder who asked permission from a rock before she sat on it. For her everything is alive and everything is treated with respect as an equal being. She knows about the science of things too, but she doesn’t make one choice of how to see things. For her there’s space for many ways. She says you can communicate with a volcano as a being. Years ago an Australian Aboriginal elder talked about the wisdom of crystals and referred to them as alive. This way of respecting everything on the planet feels good and it comes from believing that all things have consciousness.

Photograph of seed pod

So try this experiment and let your imagination run free.

What’s it like to see the world from the perspective of a rock?

Or maybe a plant?

Have you ever wondered if you could hear the voice inside the wind and what it might be telling you?

Maybe you take a journey with a hawk and see life from the sky.

Maybe a snow crystal tells you the story of transforming from water before it melts and becomes water again.

Photo by Dean Jacobs Copyright 2012

Crystal Cave

When Nandita climbs to the crystal cave, the quartz crystals show her stories from her life and also what might be coming for her. Ready to aid her dream quest, they shine the pictures right out onto the wall. My sense is that all kinds of beings in nature love to interact creatively with us.

Where I live there are two rocks embedded with crystals. The crystals are more opaque than the ones in the story. They are milky and touched with rose and they sit on either side of the entrance to my yurt, a bit like the crystal sentinels in Nandita’s Dream. After the yurt went up in the garden, these crystal rocks, which were lying on the land, seemed to be calling out to get my attention, and when I asked, they were really happy to sit by the entrance.

Nandita's Dream Crystal Picture

Photo by Alice Carfrae Copyright 2012

Nandita's Dream River Picture

Rocks and plants

Sometimes nature mirrors itself in other ways. Close to where I live, on Dartmoor, there is a rock shaped like a turtle, so that’s what we call it, Turtle Rock. I often walk over there and sit and dream with the rock about Nandita’s Dream and all the different parts of the project. It has beautiful mosses and lichens and tiny red and yellow star-shaped flowers growing in the crevices of its neck. They survive cold weather and strong winds in the winter. I talk with the rock and it answers and inspires me.

The energy of a rock moves slowly and the energy of a plant feels quick and vibrant, just as it grows. A tree may be here for hundreds of years and have many stories to tell. In the dream, Tess merges with the trees and talks with the plant spirits. She has a deep belief in the power of nature. You can take your own journey in Tess talks trees and see if the tree has a message to offer you.

Photo by Dean Jacobs Copyright 2012

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