Khadijah Alhassan, Tamale tribe Northern Ghana, age 9

“I want to tell the children that they should live their dream and go towards what their heart tells them.”


My dream is to become a successful teacher….Someone who can teach the students good things not bad things and correct them when they make mistakes.

A good thing is to help the children to be famous people in the future – like Presidents, Lawyers, Bankers. A bad thing is when you teach and they don’t understand you.

My dream for the world is that it should become a successful place for everybody. A place where everyone can feel comfortable where he or she is because people around the world are honest.

I want to tell the children that they should live their dream and go towards what their heart tells them.

I’m really happy when everybody is happy.

I love everybody.

Ato Inkumsah, Ahanta tribe Western Ghana, age 9

I would like to become a scientist in Technology because I know how technology can help the world.  But it is important that people don’t get lazy because of it.

I would like to see a world of peace and harmony with no war, no people dying because we are careless like littering rivers and lakes because so many people depend on rivers and lakes for washing and cooking and some people die because of our mistakes.

I would like to say to those children that don’t have an education….try and get some and be very determined about it. The fact that you don’t have money or parents to send you to school doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t try to educate yourself. Some people who didn’t go to school are very important people today.

I’m happy when my family and friends all come together in one moment.

I love my mom. Even though sometimes she can’t give me what I need, she tries until she gets it and she helps me a lot with my homework and education.

Birds in the forest

I dream that when I am older I will still be able to watch the birds feed as they fly between the trees, and hear them sing, it’s a sound that makes me feel at home. Our father taught us to look out for the ones with the long beaks and bright blue wings, they’re the most delicate and unusual and are easily frightened. If the forest is cut down the birds will have no where to live and I’ll miss them.

My friends and I want to share this with other children, no one listens to us because we’re small but when we grow up we will change things so that all the animals have a home.

If Nandita can make things better then we can too if we tell the world about what is happening and why nature is special.