The Achuar and the Pachamama Alliance

This is a beautiful photo of a beautiful man – an Achuar tribe shaman.Achuar Tribesman

I first met the Achuar tribe in the Amazon rainforest in Ecuador when I was travelling with the Pachamama Alliance. The Achuar are guardians of millions of acres of pristine rainforest which they have been able to preserve with the support of people in different cultures. They are a dreaming culture and they reached out through dreams to those who are now their partners in the US who travelled to find them. Together they formed the Pachamama Alliance. Meanwhile the symposium that comes out of this work, based on sustainable environmental, spiritual and social approaches to life, is available in over 60 countries and is helping foster much that is new.

I love the way the Achuar are sustaining what they love and responding to change in positive ways. The Achuar have been creating new ways of life such as the the award winning ecolodge Kapawi and solar powered canoes.

Storytelling – Nandita’s Dream

Nandita's Dream Storytelling

Just to let you know that I have been thinking about the power of storytelling. It’s a way we create and manifest by sharing. Recently Jonathan Camp was telling me that India has statistically by far the greatest involvement in telling stories.

As Nandita is half Indian and half Scottish and her mother Sheema has come over from India in the story I

was really interested in that. Storytelling is such a great way to imagine, create, dream, share wisdom and tools of empowerment. Nandita’s Dream is an adventure of the heart and a quest to resolve difficulties in the waking world.

Sura Susso who plays kora on the Songs from Nandita’s Dream CD is by the way a Gambian Griot, kora player and storyteller and he joins us at Nandita Day on 5th August. His music is like liquid light. Magnificent.