The Children of the Achuar Tribe

Nandita's DreamI’ve been looking at messages from the children of the Achuar tribe in the Amazon filmed by Dean Jacobs. I wanted to ask them What’s Your Dream and What’s Your Dream for the World? It’s a question that’s at the heart of the Nandita’s Dream book and CD. The Achuar children shared their love for the rainforest and their wish that more children can understand its ways and meet with them. This reaching out is new.

But a lot of children have an awareness of being a global citizen. Recently I was at a huge children’s world music festival and some of the boys were playing ‘Love’s Vibration’ the last track on the Songs from Nandita’s Dream CD. It features Sheema Mukherjee, Black Umfolosi and The Rainbow Children’s Choir.

The chorus is ‘What’s Your Dream, What’s Your Dream and What’s Your Dream for the World?’ It has gorgeous rhythmic sitar from Sheema and upbeat cajon from Lawrence Kelson of Madrum. The boys played Love’s Vibration over and over again. It’s great that girls and boys both love the music

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