Nandita’s Heart Meditation

Nandita's Dream - Heart MeditationJoyaa told me that she mentioned the Nandita’s Dream website to a mother who said she already knows about it. Her son is concerned about going to his next school and they play Nandita’s Heart meditation and he knows he can listen to his guidance.

That is really good for us to hear. Putting the mediation downloads on the website felt important.

They are called Tess Talks Trees (read by Melody aged 10) and Listening to My Heart (read by Rose aged 10). I wrote them with my back to Oz the tree in my garden and sitting in my yurt.

When we recorded Rose waved her arms around like a tree and acted out the journey which Nandita is taking you on and Melody lay down and listened to her heart and then said “You have the most beautiful voice in the world Rose.” It’s good to have feedback about what’s working. I hope to do more soon.