Dorrie Joy – The Artist

Dorrie Joy Artist - Nandita's DreamAt the children’s world music festival I was able to display some of the beautiful art by Dorrie Joy that goes with the Nandita’s Dream book (available soon) and the website. Dorrie Joy, a wonderful shamanic artist living on Dartmoor UK. Dorrie is a great dreamer and we had a wonderful time meditating and talking together as she brought in these paintings. She paints with anything – toes, brushes, fingers, you name it. I love working with Dorrie. She is totally inspirational.

The children wanted to know all about the paintings. They wanted to know about Nandita, Joe the drummer, Tess the green girl who merges with trees, Rai from Hawaii…There’s Salassie the rainbow shaman with butterfly wings and a crystal heart in his hand. There’s Melody the tall blue woman who sings everything alive.

The wind chant is her track on the Songs from Nandita’s Dream album. A young girl looked at Melody and said. “She’s so happy. If you were sad and went into your bedroom and saw her you couldn’t be sad anymore. Can you get a picture of her?” I’m on it.

One thing I realised a the festival. The children really get that this is their project. Every group that came through the door headed straight to the stall. I can’t wait to see what they do with it.