Birds in the forest

I dream that when I am older I will still be able to watch the birds feed as they fly between the trees, and hear them sing, it’s a sound that makes me feel at home. Our father taught us to look out for the ones with the long beaks and bright blue wings, they’re the most delicate and unusual and are easily frightened. If the forest is cut down the birds will have no where to live and I’ll miss them.

My friends and I want to share this with other children, no one listens to us because we’re small but when we grow up we will change things so that all the animals have a home.

If Nandita can make things better then we can too if we tell the world about what is happening and why nature is special.


Thomeki Dube and Sura Susso with Sarah Patterson

Thomeki Dube (co-founder with Sotcha Moyo of Black Umfolosi) and Sura Susso (kora player extraordinaire)These two dear friends Thomeki Dube (co-founder with Sotcha Moyo of Black Umfolosi) and Sura Susso (kora player extraordinaire) are key to why the “Songs from Nandita’s Dream” CD is such an amazing offering for children. Black Umfolosi are famous for their singing traditions and their own compositions all over the world. Sura Susso comes from a long line of Gambian griots and is composing and performing new and traditional music that heals the spirit and heart.

We all stepped into a new way of working together, a synthesis of who we are and what a project like this required. We are fueled by our love of children, the planet and spirit and it shows. We all feel the blessings of being able to work together. I wish Sura a glorious time visiting his family in the Gambia and Thomeki, Sotcha and all from Black Umfolosi happy landings back in Zimbabwe in this their 30th anniversary celebration year. Much love Sarah

Upload YOUR dream to Nandita’s Dream

childrens dreams - upload your dreamChildren Who Love The Planet. In a couple of weeks the Nandita’s Dream uploading pages for children will be up.

It’s a place where children can talk about their love of the planet, share images, share dreams and possibilities. I’m excited to hear about them and learn from your vision and clarity. It will be great to see the pictures. We’re also looking forward to all the responses from children in different countries. I’ve been looking at all the wonderful messages from the Nandita’s Dream launch party. So many fun, heartfelt wishes for the book and CD in the world. Thankyou.

Here are some of the children from Stagecoach Southwest Devon who sang on the CD and Brian of Black Umfolosi teaching us a Zimbabwean dance.

Jacqueline Lawes – co-author of Nandita’s Dream

Author Jacqueline Lawes - Nanditas DreamJacqueline Lawes, co-author of Nandita’s Dream is director of Live Love Dream retreats: ”We can all live more fully, dream more deeply and dream bigger and brighter dreams.” It’s good to know it’s there for the grownups.

Jacqueline always said Nandita’s Dream is as important to adults as it is to children. The messages and discoveries in the story are for all of us. We’re getting more feedback from adults about what the story means to them which seems to agree with that. Jacqueline feels the same happens with the CD and the inspirational effects of the songs. Her delicious cooking while we were recording at Drum’s studio has now become legendary and probably contributed to our contented creativity. Here are Jacqueline and Sotcha Moyo of Black Umfolosi at our launch party. You can find out more about her retreats at She’s working with a remarkable team of facilitators.

What’s your Dream…

What’s your dream? What’s your dream for the world? That’s the question at the heart of our lives here when we’re awake enough to ask it. It’s the question Salassie the shaman asks the children at the end of the “Nandita’s Dream” book. My dreams have changed and grown. As I’ve fulfilled them more have flowered and become

More fruit, more seed, more growing and becoming.  Our dreams create the world. Our dreams change. The world changes. I love Oz the tree in Nandita’s Dream. Oz says near the end, “Love has freedom at it’s roots.” I think it’s important to allow our dreams to fulfill and our dreams to change – maybe to expect it for ourselves and others. Expansion thrives on it.

Olympics Celebration

I think what I most adored about the Olympics was the global diversity, sharing our uniqueness and alikeness as people. What a celebration, what a wonder…I love the mix of life on this planet. I love the opportunities to create. I think that’s why I enjoy the fusion that comes in making music with the likes of Sura Susso, Sheema Mukherjee, and Black Umfolosi. Our creativity in meeting and the unique nature of our individual music.

So Annie Lennox’s voice was pure gold in the closing ceremony and Brian May’s rock guitar was beyond anything I’ve heard from a rock guitarist. How did he do it? I once saw Ryoko play piano live in Dartington Hall. When she ran out of keys her fingers continued to play on in the air. She was playing what she could hear and somehow I felt I could hear it too, vibrationally. She took us there with her. I love that these musicians take us somewhere new. Huge thanks to them, to the atheletes, volunteers and creators of the olympics and all who inspire us by living their dreams.

Susannah Darling Khan holding up a picture of Memon the wise elder

Susannah Darling Khan holding up a picture of Memon the wise elder in Nandita’s Dream I realise Nandita’s Dream celebration launch is itself a manifestation of the dreams many of us have for the world and the children of the world. As we all sang and talked and gathered our traditions into a new synthesis and celebrated our uniqueness and our togetherness it was such a beautiful meeting of hearts. And the book and CD are just the beginning of an adventure.

The children are taking hold of this and bringing their own new dreams, wishes and knowing while we can support them in being their own wisdom. Here’s Susannah Darling Khan holding up a picture of Memon the wise elder in Nandita’s Dream who tells the story of Source and why we all came to earth. I also want to acknowledge my time with Abraham-Hicks and the answering of some of my questions.

Nandita’s Dream Book and CD Celebration

Children Singing in Celebration with The Black UmfolosiHello everyone, thank you for all the messages coming in about the Nandita’s Dream book and CD celebration. I’m very touched.

We had the best time singing out the songs and sharing the journey we’ve been on together. Can feel it moving out in the world. First photos in.

Here are some of the children singing on the CD with Future and Brian from Black Umfolosi. Also, author Jacqueline Lawes talking with Sotcha Moyo, co-founder of Black Umfolosi.

Nandita's Dream Celebration with The Black Umfolosi

Black Umfolosi and Sarah sing “Hey Little Girl” from Nandita’s Dream

The launch celebration for Nandita’s Dream book and CD was amazing. Black Umfolosi on the last day of their 30th anniversary tour in fantastic voice with Sura Susso on Kora and Lawrence Kelson on cajon, children from the album singing with us and all the people at the party too. Jacqueline Lawes, co-author of Nandita’s Dream was there, Susannah Darling-Khan, Melanie, Tom and Rose who hosted it, Dorrie Joy, Joyaa, Drum and Alice Carfrae, Ruby, Angela and many children and adults.The openhearted joy and love for the children in the world which is at the heart of this project overflowed into something amazing. The global nature of this dream being realised really came home to me. The first book reviews touched Jacqueline and I deeply. Thank you everyone for sharing this offering with us. Heart like a flower – big, gentle and open.