Olympics Celebration

I think what I most adored about the Olympics was the global diversity, sharing our uniqueness and alikeness as people. What a celebration, what a wonder…I love the mix of life on this planet. I love the opportunities to create. I think that’s why I enjoy the fusion that comes in making music with the likes of Sura Susso, Sheema Mukherjee, and Black Umfolosi. Our creativity in meeting and the unique nature of our individual music.

So Annie Lennox’s voice was pure gold in the closing ceremony and Brian May’s rock guitar was beyond anything I’ve heard from a rock guitarist. How did he do it? I once saw Ryoko play piano live in Dartington Hall. When she ran out of keys her fingers continued to play on in the air. She was playing what she could hear and somehow I felt I could hear it too, vibrationally. She took us there with her. I love that these musicians take us somewhere new. Huge thanks to them, to the atheletes, volunteers and creators of the olympics and all who inspire us by living their dreams.

Nandita’s Dream Book and CD Celebration

Children Singing in Celebration with The Black UmfolosiHello everyone, thank you for all the messages coming in about the Nandita’s Dream book and CD celebration. I’m very touched.

We had the best time singing out the songs and sharing the journey we’ve been on together. Can feel it moving out in the world. First photos in.

Here are some of the children singing on the CD with Future and Brian from Black Umfolosi. Also, author Jacqueline Lawes talking with Sotcha Moyo, co-founder of Black Umfolosi.

Nandita's Dream Celebration with The Black Umfolosi

Black Umfolosi and Sarah sing “Hey Little Girl” from Nandita’s Dream

The launch celebration for Nandita’s Dream book and CD was amazing. Black Umfolosi on the last day of their 30th anniversary tour in fantastic voice with Sura Susso on Kora and Lawrence Kelson on cajon, children from the album singing with us and all the people at the party too. Jacqueline Lawes, co-author of Nandita’s Dream was there, Susannah Darling-Khan, Melanie, Tom and Rose who hosted it, Dorrie Joy, Joyaa, Drum and Alice Carfrae, Ruby, Angela and many children and adults.The openhearted joy and love for the children in the world which is at the heart of this project overflowed into something amazing. The global nature of this dream being realised really came home to me. The first book reviews touched Jacqueline and I deeply. Thank you everyone for sharing this offering with us. Heart like a flower – big, gentle and open.

Sheema Mukherjee

sheema mukherjee on nandita's dreamOlympics dawns. I loved the bell ringing this morning. Also happy realising Sheema Mukherjee’s “Bending the Dark” was commissioned for the Olympics and Imagined Village will be performing it.

I’ve seen them perform the piece live and it was awesome. Eliza Carthy powerhouse on fiddle, Martin Carthy, Simon Emmerson et al… a wonderful blend of Indian raga, British folk, creative fusion and what can be imagined. My Goddess daughter Annie and I kept playing it as we drove up on Dartmoor. She adores it. “Songs from Nandita’s Dream” featuring Sheema is up.

The full album can be downloaded from CD Baby. Oh yes and Nandita’s Dream the book for 8-10 year olds (with a lot of grownups loving it too), is available on Amazon and Apple – ipad etc, next week. The music downloads too. It’s my Dad’s birthday today. Great to be with him and I’m loving the synchronicity of that with the Olympics. Such an expansive celebration!

CD of Songs for Nandita’s Dream

nandita's dream CDWe’ve had glorious sun and an apricot sunset on Dartmoor. Butterflies and happy people. I’ve been enjoying singing Nandita’s Dream songs with some of the children who recorded in preparation for Black Umfolosi’s arrival and our celebration launch August 5th. The children’s voices are soaring.

I love that their voices are so individual and can listen to each other and sing beautifully together. The ebook and the CD downloads of music are due to launch at the end of this week both available on Amazon and itunes.