Sheema Mukherjee

sheema mukherjee on nandita's dreamOlympics dawns. I loved the bell ringing this morning. Also happy realising Sheema Mukherjee’s “Bending the Dark” was commissioned for the Olympics and Imagined Village will be performing it.

I’ve seen them perform the piece live and it was awesome. Eliza Carthy powerhouse on fiddle, Martin Carthy, Simon Emmerson et al… a wonderful blend of Indian raga, British folk, creative fusion and what can be imagined. My Goddess daughter Annie and I kept playing it as we drove up on Dartmoor. She adores it. “Songs from Nandita’s Dream” featuring Sheema is up.

The full album can be downloaded from CD Baby. Oh yes and Nandita’s Dream the book for 8-10 year olds (with a lot of grownups loving it too), is available on Amazon and Apple – ipad etc, next week. The music downloads too. It’s my Dad’s birthday today. Great to be with him and I’m loving the synchronicity of that with the Olympics. Such an expansive celebration!