Inspiring friends

Smita Tomalin is a dreamkeeper for ‘Nandita’s Dream’. Wise, wonderful friend that she is she said this to me as we walked by the wild river.

When you follow your heart you say yes. When you say yes you put yourself in the yes dimension and only yes things happen.

My heart tumbled with the river, full of recognition for YES. Yes has led me all over the world to meet with wonderful people and their yeses, seeing what we make together. Yes led me to the Achuar tribe in the Amazon and the Pachamama Alliance. Yes to singing. Yes got me out of bed this morning. Yes to the Earth. My biggest yes is to LOVE flowing through everything and everyone. The green is so golden this point in the autumn afternoon just before the sun goes down. Yes to heaven on earth… Love to hear your yeses.

Dorrie Joy  Dreamkeepers Pachamama Alliance Achuar Tribe

Detail of painting by Dorrie Joy

Memon from Nandita’s Dream has a look of Smita. Some people say she has a look of Whoopi Goldberg? (good film casting) I’m getting a photo of Smita up soon so we can see.


Inspiring children’s films

Do you recommend any inspiring children’s films – films that touch the heart, empower and are beautiful? My list has just grown to include ‘Fly Away Home‘. It’s the story of a girl who rescues goose eggs and the hatchlings take her for mother. She has to teach them the migration path South as the mother goose does. Her father devises an ingenious way and she takes to the air in a microlight plane to begin the journey. Wonderful bit where she has to go on alone and her father tells her how strong she is and she’s living her dream. The cry of a lone goose called me straight out of bed this morning!  And what about Whalerider? and Akeelah and the Bee? Those are my top 3 for now. Would love to hear about more.

Photo courtesy of Bunny and Mark, travelled 60,000 miles on their 43ft ship Wild Goose, dreaming the dream.

Juno parenting magazine article – Nandita’s Dream

Juno MagazineThe inspiring Juno parenting magazine has an in-depth article about the Nandita’s Dream project by Sarah Patterson. It’s out now.

Their online competitions section is also offering free Nandita’s Dream CD’s at Competition ends this month. Also, the Pachamama Alliance is making it’s symposium training available via the web.

Already in over 60 countries this movement to bring about a thriving, just, sustainable world, was begun by the Amazon Achuar tribes in Ecuador with western allies. Generation Waking Up is the fantastic youth movement working with Pachamama.

Upload YOUR dream to Nandita’s Dream

childrens dreams - upload your dreamChildren Who Love The Planet. In a couple of weeks the Nandita’s Dream uploading pages for children will be up.

It’s a place where children can talk about their love of the planet, share images, share dreams and possibilities. I’m excited to hear about them and learn from your vision and clarity. It will be great to see the pictures. We’re also looking forward to all the responses from children in different countries. I’ve been looking at all the wonderful messages from the Nandita’s Dream launch party. So many fun, heartfelt wishes for the book and CD in the world. Thankyou.

Here are some of the children from Stagecoach Southwest Devon who sang on the CD and Brian of Black Umfolosi teaching us a Zimbabwean dance.

What’s your Dream…

What’s your dream? What’s your dream for the world? That’s the question at the heart of our lives here when we’re awake enough to ask it. It’s the question Salassie the shaman asks the children at the end of the “Nandita’s Dream” book. My dreams have changed and grown. As I’ve fulfilled them more have flowered and become

More fruit, more seed, more growing and becoming.  Our dreams create the world. Our dreams change. The world changes. I love Oz the tree in Nandita’s Dream. Oz says near the end, “Love has freedom at it’s roots.” I think it’s important to allow our dreams to fulfill and our dreams to change – maybe to expect it for ourselves and others. Expansion thrives on it.

Susannah Darling Khan holding up a picture of Memon the wise elder

Susannah Darling Khan holding up a picture of Memon the wise elder in Nandita’s Dream I realise Nandita’s Dream celebration launch is itself a manifestation of the dreams many of us have for the world and the children of the world. As we all sang and talked and gathered our traditions into a new synthesis and celebrated our uniqueness and our togetherness it was such a beautiful meeting of hearts. And the book and CD are just the beginning of an adventure.

The children are taking hold of this and bringing their own new dreams, wishes and knowing while we can support them in being their own wisdom. Here’s Susannah Darling Khan holding up a picture of Memon the wise elder in Nandita’s Dream who tells the story of Source and why we all came to earth. I also want to acknowledge my time with Abraham-Hicks and the answering of some of my questions.

The Achuar and the Pachamama Alliance

This is a beautiful photo of a beautiful man – an Achuar tribe shaman.Achuar Tribesman

I first met the Achuar tribe in the Amazon rainforest in Ecuador when I was travelling with the Pachamama Alliance. The Achuar are guardians of millions of acres of pristine rainforest which they have been able to preserve with the support of people in different cultures. They are a dreaming culture and they reached out through dreams to those who are now their partners in the US who travelled to find them. Together they formed the Pachamama Alliance. Meanwhile the symposium that comes out of this work, based on sustainable environmental, spiritual and social approaches to life, is available in over 60 countries and is helping foster much that is new.

I love the way the Achuar are sustaining what they love and responding to change in positive ways. The Achuar have been creating new ways of life such as the the award winning ecolodge Kapawi and solar powered canoes.

The Long Dance Event

Nandita's Dream Music CDThere is a dance event called The Long Dance run by The School of Movement Medicine formed by Susannah and Ya’Acov Darling Khan. It’s a giveaway. People are dancing for their dreams and to raise money for charities. This year the rain came down torrentially from above and along the ground. Teams of people dug trenches through the night to keep it from coming into the huge dance marquis and another team emptied the trenches with buckets by hand. The spirit and determination of these dancers was inspiring and moving. When I saw the trenches in the morning I was in awe and cried.

Later some very familiar music came on. Susannah was playing “Inside My Heart” which is Nandita’s Song from the Nandita’s Dream CD. I looked up and 150 people spontaneously reached for each other’s hands. They danced into a spiral singing and laughing along with Nandita and Black Umfolosi and Rainbow Children’s Choir to “trust inside your heart, there’s a guide inside your heart, ask and you will know, which way to go”. The joy was ecstatic. My heart was blooming like a flower.

The Children of the Achuar Tribe

Nandita's DreamI’ve been looking at messages from the children of the Achuar tribe in the Amazon filmed by Dean Jacobs. I wanted to ask them What’s Your Dream and What’s Your Dream for the World? It’s a question that’s at the heart of the Nandita’s Dream book and CD. The Achuar children shared their love for the rainforest and their wish that more children can understand its ways and meet with them. This reaching out is new.

But a lot of children have an awareness of being a global citizen. Recently I was at a huge children’s world music festival and some of the boys were playing ‘Love’s Vibration’ the last track on the Songs from Nandita’s Dream CD. It features Sheema Mukherjee, Black Umfolosi and The Rainbow Children’s Choir.

The chorus is ‘What’s Your Dream, What’s Your Dream and What’s Your Dream for the World?’ It has gorgeous rhythmic sitar from Sheema and upbeat cajon from Lawrence Kelson of Madrum. The boys played Love’s Vibration over and over again. It’s great that girls and boys both love the music