Inspiring friends

Smita Tomalin is a dreamkeeper for ‘Nandita’s Dream’. Wise, wonderful friend that she is she said this to me as we walked by the wild river.

When you follow your heart you say yes. When you say yes you put yourself in the yes dimension and only yes things happen.

My heart tumbled with the river, full of recognition for YES. Yes has led me all over the world to meet with wonderful people and their yeses, seeing what we make together. Yes led me to the Achuar tribe in the Amazon and the Pachamama Alliance. Yes to singing. Yes got me out of bed this morning. Yes to the Earth. My biggest yes is to LOVE flowing through everything and everyone. The green is so golden this point in the autumn afternoon just before the sun goes down. Yes to heaven on earth… Love to hear your yeses.

Dorrie Joy  Dreamkeepers Pachamama Alliance Achuar Tribe

Detail of painting by Dorrie Joy

Memon from Nandita’s Dream has a look of Smita. Some people say she has a look of Whoopi Goldberg? (good film casting) I’m getting a photo of Smita up soon so we can see.


Inspiring children’s films

Do you recommend any inspiring children’s films – films that touch the heart, empower and are beautiful? My list has just grown to include ‘Fly Away Home‘. It’s the story of a girl who rescues goose eggs and the hatchlings take her for mother. She has to teach them the migration path South as the mother goose does. Her father devises an ingenious way and she takes to the air in a microlight plane to begin the journey. Wonderful bit where she has to go on alone and her father tells her how strong she is and she’s living her dream. The cry of a lone goose called me straight out of bed this morning!  And what about Whalerider? and Akeelah and the Bee? Those are my top 3 for now. Would love to hear about more.

Photo courtesy of Bunny and Mark, travelled 60,000 miles on their 43ft ship Wild Goose, dreaming the dream.

One World Group Mosaic

“Make Your Love Visible.”

The beautiful picture of the Earth from space on the oneworldgroup website is actually made up of thousands of pixels each one of which is a message or photo from people in the world.

The message of OneWorld Mosaic is “What inspires you to make a difference? Tell the world.” Susannah Darling Khan, long time dreamer and supporter of Nandita’s Dream worked with the oneworldgroup and this is what they came up with. I have in turn been supporting Susannah’s dream, loving and enjoying the blossoming. Here is the link:

Nandita’s Dream – the Book

“Nandita was a dreamer,” continued Salassie in his sing-song voice.

“What’s a dreamer?” asked Ayub.

“A dreamer is someone who helps create the world with their dreams. Of course we are all dreamers. But for some of us, this is our path in life.” Nandita’s Dream.

I want to thank everyone for the inspiring feedback about the book and dreaming our lives. And how clear it is that there are those who are consciously dreaming with the world. I’m inspired by what you’re all being in the world. And so of course I’m writing more music, singing with Melody and Salassie, journeying with new stories…

Does this process of creating go on and on? Always. Even if it drops into gentle waters for a while. There’s always more. Is that true for you?