Juno parenting magazine article – Nandita’s Dream

Juno MagazineThe inspiring Juno parenting magazine has an in-depth article about the Nandita’s Dream project by Sarah Patterson. It’s out now.

Their online competitions section is also offering free Nandita’s Dream CD’s at http://www.junomagazine.com/category/competitions/ Competition ends this month. Also, the Pachamama Alliance is making it’s symposium training available via the web.

Already in over 60 countries this movement to bring about a thriving, just, sustainable world, was begun by the Amazon Achuar tribes in Ecuador with western allies. Generation Waking Up is the fantastic youth movement working with Pachamama. http://generationwakingup.org/

Birds in the forest

I dream that when I am older I will still be able to watch the birds feed as they fly between the trees, and hear them sing, it’s a sound that makes me feel at home. Our father taught us to look out for the ones with the long beaks and bright blue wings, they’re the most delicate and unusual and are easily frightened. If the forest is cut down the birds will have no where to live and I’ll miss them.

My friends and I want to share this with other children, no one listens to us because we’re small but when we grow up we will change things so that all the animals have a home.

If Nandita can make things better then we can too if we tell the world about what is happening and why nature is special.


Thomeki Dube and Sura Susso with Sarah Patterson

Thomeki Dube (co-founder with Sotcha Moyo of Black Umfolosi) and Sura Susso (kora player extraordinaire)These two dear friends Thomeki Dube (co-founder with Sotcha Moyo of Black Umfolosi) and Sura Susso (kora player extraordinaire) are key to why the “Songs from Nandita’s Dream” CD is such an amazing offering for children. Black Umfolosi are famous for their singing traditions and their own compositions all over the world. Sura Susso comes from a long line of Gambian griots and is composing and performing new and traditional music that heals the spirit and heart.

We all stepped into a new way of working together, a synthesis of who we are and what a project like this required. We are fueled by our love of children, the planet and spirit and it shows. We all feel the blessings of being able to work together. I wish Sura a glorious time visiting his family in the Gambia and Thomeki, Sotcha and all from Black Umfolosi happy landings back in Zimbabwe in this their 30th anniversary celebration year. Much love Sarah